NGO Federation of Nepal

NGO Federation of Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

About NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN)
NFN is an umbrella organization of NGOs working for the promotion of social justice, human rights and pro-poor development. NFN envisions building an inclusive, democratic, prosperous and peaceful society. Mission of NFN is to establish dynamic and vibrant civil society in entire governance system. NFN has been the focal organization to coordinate and facilitate SDG process on behalf of CSOs establishing Nepal SDGs Forum. NFN itself is working as focal organization of SDG 16 and SDG 17.

Commitment Summary
We are advocating at SDG 16 agendas at the national as well as throughout the country with its own networks in 7 provinces and 77 districts of Nepal.

Full Commitment
The SDG 16 “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels” is known as justice and governance, or peace, human rights and democracy (PHD) is cross-cutting as well as an enabling goal that is interdependent in which other goals cannot be realized without it. The SDG 16 is one of the key factors that makes the SDGs different from the MDGs. SDG 16 is one of key goals that many CSOs have been advocating for in the post-2015 development agenda. NFN organized a National Workshop on SDG 16 in 25-26 January 2017 in Kathmandu; it was able to formulate a policy advocacy plan. SDG 16 Working Group was formed at central level in that workshop. Similarly, a national review meeting on SDG 16 was organized on 8 June 2017 in Kathmandu. That event was remained important to share the information about the initiatives of various organizations on SDG 16, reviewed the progresses and dugout the issues unaddressed. Such as new laws are being drafted in bureaucratic approach and without any consultation with key stakeholders; over participation of public institutions; Nepal is yet sign on Arm Trade Treaty; governance of security agencies is becoming a challenge; public budget is not following participatory process; justice is not accessible to all; and SDG 16 indicators should be identified based on national issues. Review meeting gave a clear mandate to NFN to intensity its engagement on SDG 16 at national level as well as local level. But, SDG16 is observed as a neglected goal, as Government has not determined the indicators realistically on the other hand baseline data and targets are missed in the draft Baseline Report of SDGs prepared by NPC. On behalf of Nepalese CSOs\NGOs NFN playing a vital role in different steering committees formed by the government side. It has also collaborated and enhances the capacity of the partners as well as development stakeholders. The key approaches to address the problem are multi-stakeholder dialogue, meetings in different levels, In this back drop, this project entitled “Localizing of SDG 16 in Nepal” has been designed to address the issues and challenges stated above, focusing on SDG 16.