Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative

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About Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative (OLPHI)
OLPHI works toward the promotion of others, leveraging on their strength and building up their weaknesses (capacity) to achieve full potential.

Commitment Summary
OLPHIs core values are Transparency, Accountability, Wellness/healthy living Promotion of sound values. therefore we commit to collaborate with international and local development agencies on peace-building, gender mainstreaming, humanitarian, post-conflict stabilization, democracy and contemporary security geared towards sustainable peace, security, equity and justice for the benefit of humanity in any part of the world we found ourselves.

Full Commitment
OLPHIs priority and commitment is on Early Warning Early Response System built by servel trainings.

OLPHIs commits to: volunteerism on peacebuilding through being a member organisation and member Preventive Committee of Partners for Peace(P4P) in the Niger Delta. Carry out advocacy to relevant traditional, security agencies, formal or government leaders for the purpose of ensuring peace where we work, Hold monthly meeting with collaborators to discuss peace and security issues. Advocate for Women Inclusion in Peacebuilding processes. Hold consultative or sensitization workshops with stakeholders when need arises. Analyse early warning reports and ascertain the appropriate stakeholder within their localities to collaborate with for timely interventions. Regular reporting of activities to appropriate authorities and TAP Network as at when necessary. Design and initiate responses to identified conflict risks before they escalate to crisis and/or violence. Engage with relevant stakeholders to conduct interventions in identified hotspots to mitigate violent conflicts Supported by Foundation for Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta(PIND). Support & Collaborate with relevant government/non-government agencies to build strong institutions and promote the process of justice and equity. Our activities and programmes are always gender mainstreamed. work towards reduction of gender based violence. promote the implementation of The State Action Plan adopted from the National Action Plan on the UNSCR 1325 as a member of Women, Peace & Security Network in order to reduce social and cultural practices that subjugate women to men campaign against female genital mutilations in Abua Odual Local Government in Rivers & Onuimo Local Goverment in Imo State. promotion of health security through on Sustainable Advocacy on Immunisation Financing, Cost share of vaccine procurement and demand uptake in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State and Rivers State Supported by Women Advocates on Vaccine Access(WAVA). Child / HumanTrafficking in Schools & Engaging Parents & Caregivers Child Abuse; Sexual Violations and Molestation of Children, girls and women. Supporting government designs and implementation of interventions in order to achieve strong institutions as carried out Donation of Vitamin A supplements, Albendazoles & Multivitamins to Imo State Ministry of Health supported by Vitamin Angels; Community Campaign on Cancer Control Supported by Lift Above Organisation(LAPO). Objectives are To strengthen communities’ view, platform and understanding of conflict trends and patterns To deepen communities’ capacity for conflict identification, management and prevention through Early Warning Early Response System (EWER), To create a platform for stakeholders to dialogue, negotiate and through mediation, prevent escalation of conflict into full blown violence.