Pakistan Development Alliance

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About Pakistan Development Alliance
Pakistan Development Alliance (PDA) is an alliance of NGOs working together to address issues on Governance & Accountability / Sustainable Development Goals –SDGs. Pakistan Development Alliance (PDA) has carved out its own distinct identity in the development sector in Pakistan. PDA grows out of developmental and rights-based programs and campaigns run by various NGOs and Networks on governance, accountability, achieving MDGs targets, setting up post 2015 development agendas and holding governments, private sector to account for achieving sustainable development goals-SDGs.

Commitment Summary
PDA will share the shadow report on VNR process on behalf of civil society by 2019. Pakistan Development Alliance (PDA)/ Awaz would take lead in minimizing gap and bridge between Government and civil society for maximizing SDGs awareness with support of 83 grass root partner organizations by 2022. PDA will ensure advocacy at National, Regional & International level for better show case the country level implementation of SDGs and particularly goal 16 by 2022.

Full Commitment
PDA/Awaz is already contributing to Goal 16 as part of TAP network’s Co-chair on behalf of ADA. As per Awaz’s strategic plan 2018-2022 they will also be focusing on thematic area on Governance and Accountability and Peace building & Conflict Resolution. It aims to foster national and provincial level peace building networks / forums and facilitate development of effective community-level conflict resolution and prevention mechanisms to counter violent extremism. PDA/Awaz encourages its individual champions and partner organizations for advocacy at National level advocacy around better governance, people led accountability for peaceful, just and inclusive society. PDA/Awaz has recently done mapping of status of SDGs in Pakistan and particularly in SDG 16 that showed that government has already commenced the process of implementation of SDGs by approving National framework for SDGs for SDGs targets and indicators, establishing Parliamentarian Task Forces and establishing SDGs unit at planning and commission of Pakistan. However, most of the political fraternity, local government, private sector, media, academia, most of the civil society and other stakeholders are unaware of the processes and Government initiatives. So more consultative and visible work needs to be done at national, provincial and district level. PDA/Awaz is committed to work with SDGs unit, task forces and private sector to accelerate the process of SDGs implementation. PDA will do rigorous follow up on National framework for SDGs share by National Economic Council; it will help us in tracking progress and creating awareness on achieving targets and indicators through this framework. This framework also provides us space for doing advocacy with multi- sectoral stakeholders. As Pakistan is going to be present in Volunteer National Review in 2019 so PDA is also going to start Voluntary National Review process at national level also, it will facilitate government in doing this process and as well as also present the shadow VNR report on behalf of civil society. On the third anniversary of SDGs in 2018, PDA/AWAZ is also planning to launch faces of inequality at larger scale at national and grass root level with ground mobilization, one to one advocacy and social media stunts.