Peace & Justice Network

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About Peace & Justice Network (PJN)
PJN is a national registered civil society network with 45 member organizations and over 80 SDG 16 alliance members. Peace & Justice Network Pakistan focuses on implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. We believe that if we want Peace in Pakistan, we have to work for Justice. Promoting peace and justice is one of 17 global goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and SDG 16 is a priority goal for Pakistan to ensure access to justice and institutional accountability. PJN’s Theory of Change for Rule of Law (ROL) Reforms and Advocacy Strategy for Goal 16, which articulate our vision for creating “a peaceful society governed by laws where the rights of individuals are secured.” PJN’s mission is to help build institutions which can strengthen democracy, deliver quick and inexpensive justice, and resolve conflict in a way that protects the rights of citizens, as enshrined in the Constitution, laws and international commitments pertaining to Pakistan”. PJN as an idea is to make civil society as the voice of citizens worldwide.

Commitment Summary
The following are the key commitments of Peace & Justice Network (PJN): 1) Building Civil Society National Network on SDG 16 and developing their capacity so that they can effectively localize the SDG 16 framework; 2) Establishing National SDG 16 Knowledge HUB; 3) Development of SDG 16 National Implementation Framework and working with Government Bodies for the implementation of SDG 16 National Framework; 4) Building coordination among South Asian Region on SDG 16; 5) Supporting donor programs in order to link and integrate them with SDG 16 Indicators, 6) Creating general awareness of SDG 16 Plus among stakeholders and disseminating knowledge products on SDG 16 Plus and 7) Playing key role as a civil society national body for the achievement of SDG 16 2030 Agenda.

Full Commitment
In order to achieve its vision of making Pakistan peaceful, just and inclusive society, PJN has taken multiple initiatives since its inception to achieve its commitments towards SDG 16 2030 Agenda. For instance, the establishment of our National Network: Peace & Justice Network (PJN), the idea of a first ever specialized civil society network on SDG 16 in Pakistan born out of the sheer need for articulating the ‘voice’ of the citizens of Pakistan. PJN has adopted and developed Goal 16 Advocacy Strategy for Pakistan that PJN will be implementing through its network partners. Since early 2016, PJN, started working on SDG 16 indicators development and had a consultation with relevant departments including UNDP, Government Ministries and Justice Institutions, Parliamentarians, and international development partners in this regard and provided its input on draft indicators and data source of those indicators for Pakistan