First meeting of the Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) 1-2 June

First meeting of the Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs), to be held in New York from 1-2 June 2015 in Conference Room 3 at UN Headquarters. More than 100 stakeholders have registered to attend.

The meeting will be web cast live at

More information on the 1-2 June IAEG meeting is available here:

Subject to the concurrence of the chair and members of the IAEG, there may be an opportunity for major groups and other stakeholders to deliver up to five joint statements. UN-NGLS and DESA facilitated a call with the registered meeting participants on 28 May and the decision was taken to carry forward coordination via Google forms and in-person meetings in New York on Monday and Tuesday during the morning and lunchtime.

1) Please complete this form if you want to collaborate on the joint stakeholder statements, or if you want to suggest yourself as a speaker to deliver a statement:

Responses received can be viewed here:

Links to Google Docs for each potential joint statement can be found at the top of this responses spreadsheet. The number of volunteers responding for collaboration on each theme will serve as an indicator of the importance of that topic for delivery at the 1-2 June meeting.

It was suggested that drafting begins immediately by whoever volunteers to co-lead, and that a first draft of each statement should be done by the end of the day in New York on Friday, 29 May, and feedback provided by contributors over the weekend. The Google Docs are open to editing by anyone with the links, which are in the top portion of the responses spreadsheet.

2) Coordination meetings on Monday and Tuesday

DESA and UN-NGLS will facilitate stakeholder coordination meetings on Monday and Tuesday from 8:30-9:45am and 1:15-2:30pm.  Location will be announced tomorrow (Friday).

Stakeholders should come prepared to collaborate with each other on the finalization of the statements, and the selection of speakers to deliver them.

3) UN-NGLS has assembled a Google Spreadsheet of inputs on indicators already received from stakeholders, organized by Goal / Target / Indicator, and presented in the categories of:

– General Comments

– Amendments to the Statistical Commission’s proposed indicators

– New proposals for Indicators.

This Google Doc is available for viewing here:

(Note there are 18 Tabs along the top – 1 per SDG plus an 18th general comments Tab.)

This compilation has been provided to the IAEG-SDGs and can be updated with new inputs.

UN-NGLS is building a form for additional inputs and will distribute it soon.