FOR RAPID ENDORSEMENTS: TAP Network Response to the Post-2015 “Zero Draft” – Deadline – 9 AM EST, Thursday 18 June

We are very pleased to send to all of you, for your organization’s RAPID sign-on and endorsement, the TAP Network Joint Response to the Post-2015 “Zero Draft,” which you can find at Thanks again to all who have contributed over the past week or so, as we really did have a significant amount of engagement on this draft response in a very limited timeframe, and we have come out with a very good resource and tool for our advocacy over the coming weeks and months ahead.

For those of you who would like to endorse this position paper through your organization, please simply respond to this email (to me at and Liam at with your logo attached so we can include it on the paper.

Sign-on/endorsements will be accepted on an ongoing and rolling basis, however, to include your endorsement of the position paper in our initial outreach to Member States, please send us your endorsement by no later than 9 AM EST on Thursday, 18 June – as we will aim to circulate the position paper to Member States prior to the Post-2015 IGN from 2225 June.

As you will notice, we have provided a footnote in the introduction of the Zero Draft Response and a concluding sentence that will link to the TAP Network Compendium of Amendments to the Zero Draft, which you can all contribute to on a rolling basis. If you would like your language amendments from your organization to be included in our advocacy going forward – including those points that may not have made it in to this joint response – please paste your language edits into the google doc ASAP, as we will send this compendium document around as a complementary resource to the TAP joint response to the Zero Draft. As such, I hope that any hesitance to sign-on/endorse the joint TAP Network Response because the language amendments do not match up word for word with your organization’s explicit recommendations will be addressed by us sending around this compendium resource along with the joint response. We have done our best to align the language amendments and broader points to already agreed-upon points and principles from other TAP Network position papers, and we are very grateful to all of you who have constructively contributed to this joint response along those lines as well.

Please also note that as always, sign-on/endorsement is not necessarily limited to CSOs that are already part of the TAP Network, so your help in reaching out to other potentially interested organizations is very much appreciated – and you can forward this message, and our contact information, on to them as well.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the drafting of this paper, and thanks very much in advance for your rapid endorsements!