Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit

Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit
Download the Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit

Recognizing the critical importance of Goal 16 of the 2030 Agenda on peaceful, just and inclusive societies and accountable institutions, this toolkit provides civil society and other nongovernmental stakeholders with guidance on how to engage with their governments and other local, regional or international stakeholders to support the planning, implementation, follow-up and accountability of Goal 16. 

The Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit includes guidance, tools and tips on:

  • Contextualizing Goal 16
  • Engaging with Goal 16 at the national level
    • Preparing a “Gap Analysis”
    • Undertaking a Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis
    • Developing an Advocacy Plan for Goal 16
    • Crafting compelling advocacy messages around Goal 16
  • Working with national governments to support planning and implementation of Goal 16
  • Supporting national follow-up and monitoring for Goal 16
  • Working with international processes and various other stakeholders
  • Case studies for successful advocacy by civil society organizations on Goal 16 issues

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