IAEG-SDGs Open consultation on proposed global SDG Indicators coded as “green” to be launched on 4 November 2015

As agreed at the 2nd IAEG-SDGs meeting in Bangkok, an open consultation will take place on the proposed SDG Indicators that were coded as “green” ahead of the meeting. As indicated by the co-chairs of the IAEG-SDGs, additional comments on the indicators coded as “green” during the meeting can also be submitted. The consultation will be open from Wednesday, 4 November 9 am EST to Saturday, 9 am 7 November EST.

The consultation is open to observers (non-IAEG Member States and representatives of regional commissions and regional and international agencies) and other stakeholdersĀ (civil society, academia and private sector) for technical comments.

The inputs provided will be considered by the IAEG-SDGs Members in their final phase of preparation of the set of indicators to be submitted to the Statistical Commission. The final decision on the number, type and formulation of the indicators in the global indicator framework proposal will be taken by the IAEG-SDGs Members.