IAEG-SDGs discussion streams have been launched

note outlining the tentative timeline, work plan and organization of work of the IAEG-SDGs was shared with all members of the group. The note, which was prepared in consultation with the two co-chairs of the group, foresees multiple rounds of consultations and opportunities for observers and major groups and stakeholders to provide inputs to the discussions.

Mexico will facilitate the first discussion stream on conceptual frameworks and indicator concepts and definitions. France will facilitate the second discussion stream on inter-linkages across goals and targets.

The discussions will be based on an updated version of the list of proposals, which replaces the earlier version provided as an input to the first meeting of the IAEG-SDGs on 1-2 June 2015.

The Statistics Division, acting as Secretariat of the IAEG-SDGs, will support the facilitators in their function. Also, in cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, an online collaboration platform has been launched. This platform will allow the IAEG-SDGs to conduct its discussions electronically in an efficient manner.