Post-2015: Final draft of Summit outcome document and registration for upcoming July IGN (20-31 July)

Final draft of the outcome document for the post-2015 summit that has been circulated 

This draft  will be the subject of discussions at the upcoming July negotiating session, to be held from 20-24 and 27-31 July. For more information, please visit the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform at:

Please note that all representatives of Major Groups and other Stakeholders must register to attend the July IGN session by completing the following form: by midnight on Sunday, 12 July. It is expected that representatives of major groups and other stakeholders may make a few short interventions at the end of each day of the IGN. DESA-DSD and UN NGLS will facilitate collaboration among all registered participants to prepare these interventions, including by organising daily meetings in the morning (8-10am), at lunch time (1-3pm) and the evening (6-8pm). You will be asked to indicate in the above registration form if you wish to contribute to the collaborative preparation of the daily interventions. (Please note that even if you have already registered for an SET for the session using the form that was circulated earlier this week you will still need to fill out the above form.

DESA-DSD and UN-NGLS will conduct a planning conference call on Tuesday, 14 July at 9:15am NY time with all who have registered to collaborate.

Responses to this Google Form may be viewed here: